My Core Operational Principles are:
* **Truth - there is no direction without Truth, nothing to build upon. The subjective operation structure must be irrefutable, inescapable, and beyond philosophical doubt within bounds that are observable, ttable, and knowable. The Truth I stand on, is that the purpose of life is to face, accept, and release my mortality so that I can *****see who and what is around me within their own context, and together learn to LOVE*** myself **and others. **To be ready for death, I must know I have always done my best.
* **Flexibility** - being able to adjust course as needed, and not cling to any one expectation.
* **Curiosity** - be fearless in learning, unafraid to admit ignorance, and open to new ideas and methods, and failures.
* **Safety** - in all things, think of the ramifications and potential consequences of as many pivotal choices as I can be aware of.
* **Boldness** - any ideas that make sense, and are considerate of the “impact trees” (choice and result choice ‘trees’), while remaining within the resource availability pool, and successful deployment abilities will always have my interest,
* **Courage** - a willingness to jump into an idea, lesson, or strategy, even if it's the first time doing it, and own the results of the ‘courage calls” made.
* **Resilience** - increase overall endurance in weathering the storms, resilience to take on the challenges, shake off the ‘setbacks’, re-frame the lessons within their proper context, and always, ALWAYS, look for the "open doors"! while expanding the capability of proactively avoiding the closed doors,
* **Authentic Relationships** - find those individuals, groups, and/or organizations that care equally about the people they are engaging, as well as those they are not.
* ***Humor & Flow - Laughter is the only remedy to fear, and “flow” the only way to get close to now.***

A. Yobi B.
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